Haifa CAL® Prime: innovative calcium nitrate

Publicatiedatum: 23-02-2017

Haifa Cal® Prime (17-0-0 + 33% CaO) is a new innovative calcium nitrate of Haifa. This unique product contains a significantly lower ammonium content (0.3%) than the conventional water-soluble calcium nitrate (that contains 1.1 percent of ammonium nitrogen).​

Due to this higher concentration ammonia, the pH is sometimes adversely affected in the cultivation medium. To much ammonia nitrogen can also disrupt the uptake of potassium and calcium. In addition to a lower ammonium, Haifa-Cal® Prime is also higher concentrated. Growers need less kilograms of product to provide plants of calcium. The advantage: fewer transport movements and less storage capacity. Haifa Cal® Prime is excellent water soluble. Do plants still need ammonium? Then there are other fertilizers available, such as ammonium nitrate and Haifa MAP. For more information, contact Marco Molenaar +31 (0) 623 310 205 or marco.molenaar@haifa-group.com.


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