MyHaifa Micro Mix: customized micronutrients

Publicatiedatum: 15-10-2020

Multi-K® potassiumnitrate, Haifa MKP® and Haifa MAP®: these fertilizers are used throughout the world in (greenhouses) horticulture and have been produced by Haifa for many years. Now Haifa introduces a tailormade blend of micronutrients: MyHaifa Micro Mix.

With MyHaifa Micro Mix there’s no need to work with standard mixes anymore, just compose your own mix and exactly meet your crops requirements.

The following options are available:

• EDTA, DTPA, EDDHA, HBED or sulphate based micronutrients
• Sodium (Na) free formulas possible
• Packaging: 5 kg bucket or 25 kg bags
• Possibility to add magnesium and calcium EDTA chelate
• Possibility to add magnesium sulphate

The benefits of MyHaifa Micro Mix:

The MyHaifa Micro Mix is precisely tailored to the needs of the crop.

You have always dosed the correct micronutrients in the fertilizer container. With your unique mix of micronutrients the convenience will increase and the probability errors significantly decrease.

Easy of work
Almost anyone working in greenhouses can prepare a fertilizer container in a very short time.

Contact our local sales manager or agronomist for more information or send an e-mail to


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